Conventional MDU/HOA


Supervised Wi-Fi for multi-family flats

From lavish apartments to spacious garden-style gated communities, ETHX offers a frictionless supervised Wireless network to tenants across the properties. Once you partner with ETHX, you can be sure that all the tenants living or working in your apartments will benefit from a fast & easy Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, you get to enjoy the advantages of working with a professional who handles all your multi-family Wi-Fi needs.

Whether you intend to install Wi-Fi in your apartment only for working or watching your favorite shows, ETHX provides supervised Wi-Fi that will effectively meet all your internet needs and your tenants.

The Fourth Utility

Having internet connectivity is now a must. It`s currently seen as the 4th utility and has not turned into a necessity, as opposed to a luxury like gas, water, or electricity. It`s like turning on the shower; it needs to work right throughout.
Property Improvement Solutions


We offer MDU owners and supervisors inventive and affordable broadband solutions, extending from straightforward installation and enabling Wi-Fi hotspots to different managed services for reliable broadband data networks.

Our complete managed service offers the ultimate outsource solution for secured networks monitored and managed by ETHX, such as: