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Bulk Internet for Apartments & Multi-Family Communities

Everyone needs fast, reliable internet access at home. And it’s even more important for your tenants and residents. If you’re a landlord or property owner and want to provide fiber-optic internet services to your tenants or residents, we’ll help you figure out the best way to do so.

The Need For Fast Internet At Home

People are more connected than ever, and their expectations for what they can do on the internet have grown. They want to catch up with friends and family, download movies and music, and stream sports games and video content from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (or Hulu or YouTube). It’s no wonder that consumers have higher expectations of their broadband packages. As a result, providers must upgrade their infrastructure to meet those demands while offering competitive pricing options.

How We Install Fiber

We can install fiber to your property in phases if you have a multi-family or apartment community. We can install fiber to each apartment unit, the riser, and the telecom closet. If a company already has fiber installed onsite, we will usually run a new cable from that location over to where we are installing our equipment. This process may be repeated several times depending on how many apartments share one or more telecom closets.

Fiber to Premises

Fiber to Premises (FTTP) is a common installation for apartments and multi-family communities. With this type of internet, fiber optic cable runs from the main fiber node to your property, then distributed throughout your building via existing in-building wiring.

Fiber Between Risers or Telecom Closets

Fiber between risers or telecom closets allows you to have a central location where all your connections meet. This option is a great way to ensure everyone has internet access.
Because you are only setting up one line, it’s much cheaper than installing multiple lines and devices into each apartment unit or office space.
With fewer devices to connect in each room, there are fewer points of failure for service disruptions like power outages or storms damaging equipment outside the building (such as an antenna). This can save money on repairs and downtime while fixing those problems!

Fiber to Each Apartment Unit

The cost of fiber to each unit is a major consideration in building new, high-rise apartments. The speed of that connection can be critical, too—but maybe not as important as you might think.

There’s a need for the highest possible speeds in apartment buildings because they’re full of people with multiple devices running simultaneously: laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and game consoles.

But when it comes down to it, you should focus on providing fiber to each apartment unit because it eliminates any potential problems associated with wiring up individual rooms inside apartments or condos with Ethernet cables—or worse yet—WiFi access points (APs).

Fiber to Each Apartment Unit

Proper Fiber Installation for your Property

Fiber installation for a property can be a complex process, requiring specialized tools and expertise. It also requires significant planning and preparation. The process is time-consuming, requiring manpower as well as patience on the part of property managers who are overseeing the installation.

Our Proven MDU/HOA Process

1 Meeting
It all starts with a discussion about how ETHX can improve your network and customer experience.
2 Planning
We custom design a plan to match the correct solution for each unique property.
3 Build
Our build process is quick with as little disruption as possible to residents.
4 Testing
Once the build is complete, we fully test all connections, access points and speed.
5 Support
Reliable, local support for your residents.

The feasibility of Running Fiber to Every Apartment Unit

For many people, running fiber to every apartment unit seems feasible at first glance. However, there are some obvious challenges to keep in mind when considering the installation of fiber lines in multi-family communities.

First and foremost, your community will need a reliable power source for each apartment unit and ample outlets for internet access points (IPAs) and modems. Since each building has its electrical infrastructure and networking equipment and needs are different depending on size and location within the building itself (i.e., whether it is a standalone unit versus an apartment complex), there may be additional costs associated with making sure you have enough AC power available was needed before running new cables throughout your property.

Additionally, you should consider the cost of installing high-speed internet service in your buildings if it’s not already present—and remember that this can vary widely depending on what kind of broadband connection type is being used by residents within each apartment unit; some require more work than others due to their age or original construction materials used during construction periods when these kinds of technology weren’t yet available on store shelves!

Last but certainly not least: how much maintenance does an installation like this require? Fiber-optic lines can be expensive because they require professional repair services whenever something goes wrong with them.”

We offer customized solutions for bulk internet for any multi-family community or apartment complex.

We offer customized solutions for bulk internet for any multi-family community or apartment complex. Our engineers can provide in-depth analysis of different scenarios and recommend best serving your residents with the Internet service they need at a cost that works for you.

If you are considering installing fiber at your property, we encourage you to call us.